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Pumpkin seed

There are a few key nutrients that I talk about when it comes to Pumpkin seed oil.


More than 100 enzymes need zinc and it is probably involved in more functions in the body than any other mineral. Zinc is used for healing and maintenance of tissues, the immune system, carbohydrate metabolism and also in the synthesis of DNA. It is often used to aid the healing process after surgery or burns, in skin diseases and also is well known as helpful to male prostate problems.


Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin. It is beneficial to our eyes as it helps maintain the health of the cornea, the eye covering and also helps us to see at night. If there is a deficiency of Vitamin A “night blindness” can occur. Vitamin A also assist the cells in our body to grow, heal, maintain structural integrity of cells and acts as an antioxidant by neutralising free radicals (unstable molecules). Due to the healing affects on cells, the maintenance of healthy functioning of the mucos linings in our bodies and the stimulation of T-helper cell activity, Vitamin A has been shown as beneficial to prevent the development of cancer.

For a full list find out more here

Find out more about how pumpkin seed oil may be used to help prostate cancer here.

Pumpkin seed Bread

You'll need:

  • 2 eggs

  • 150g apple puree (cooked beetroot puree can be used as well)

  • 50g olive oil

  • 90g pumpkin seed flour

  • 20 chia seeds grounded

  • 20g golden flax seeds grounded (brown flax seeds can be used)

  • 2g cumin powder

  • 6g sea salt

  • 6g baking soda


  1. Mix all dry ingredients

  2. Mix all wet ingredients, beat eggs, apple puree and oil with a whisk attachment of stick blender for 1-2 minutes

  3. Add wet ingredients to dry

  4. Combine dry and wet ingredients with a whisk

  5. Shape the dough close to the shape of the loaf tin

  6. Drop the dough into a lined baking tin, I use small and narrow baking tin 10cm x 20cm on the top, 6.5cm x 16.5cm on the bottom

  7. Work with the dough using wet hands or wet spatula

  8. Level the surface of the dough

  9. Make superficial cut in the middle with spatula covered in oil

  10. Bake in preheated to 170C oven for 60 minutes (fan or no fan regime, both work well)

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