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When I finished school, I was looking at ways that I could combine two areas that I really enjoyed, science and food technology. Since being in clinical practice I discovered that much of the health information that we get taught is designed for the masses and not the individual. Over the past few years, I have been really interested in the food we eat and how that effects our body and therefore our health.

I have a special interest in digestive health, I’m a little bit like a mechanic for your body, we all need some maintenance and fine tuning from time to time. Often I’m working with my clients to help them to gain a deeper understanding as to what the driving factors are behind their health complaint.

I see a range of different clients from those that have had many medical investigative procedures and come up with no answers as to what it happening with their digestion getting dramatic changes to their digestive function in less than a fortnight, to parents with young families and looking to give their kids a head start nutritionally. As well as supporting long standing conditions like heart disease or post cancer clients working alongside them, to get the health outcomes they are looking for which might be to reduce medication load or increasing quality of life.

As a client, key areas that you will walk away with are: (re)learning some food foundations and how to apply them into your life so that it can make an impact today, focusing on bio-mastery which is  understanding what happened in your body that allowed it to get to the point there was illness and how to rebalance your health.

The aspect of practise that I am really passionate about it helping people get more life and passion into the years that they have on the planet.

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