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Naturopathy is a system of natural medicine that uses time honored therapies such as herbal medicine, dietary and supplementary nutrition, exercise and lifestyle balance as a basis for the treatment and prevention of illness towards the maintenance of wellness.

Naturopaths as health care professionals treat the whole person rather than just the symptoms of disease with the goal of achieving balance between the physical, mental and emotional levels of being.

Naturopathy apply the latest research from many branches of modern sciences and technology which results in a health care practitioner who is able to identify causes to illnesses, to help patients embrace restorative practices utilizing natural medicines, dietary and lifestyle modification and philosophical changes towards wellness and wellbeing.

The natural medicines used today are in a continual state of evolution with nutritional advances now providing workable solutions to reverse many of the chronic ill health conditions that currently prevail.

Focused principally on correcting disorders of digestion, assimilation, elimination and circulation naturopathy by association is now able to attend to disorders and conditions effecting cardio vascular and cardio respiratory function, nervous system and mental health,  muscular skeletal and neuro muscular function, neuro endocrine (hormones) and immune function.

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