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Moving towards wellness

We all have little imbalances with our health from time to time that we will seek health with. But for most of us our health mostly is generally pretty good, but could your health be great?

Once we reach a level of health that we experience an absence of symptoms we feel as though we are doing pretty well. It may just be an extra 5-10% extra when it comes to energy or restorative sleep or wanting to get the best out of your exercise that might make a difference to your day to day life.

It is in doing the small seemingly insignificant things daily that will compound to over time making massive differences in our overall health. Parking a little further away from work and walking that extra little bit might not feel like it would make that much difference but might mean that 30 years down the track because you have maintained you muscle mass you are able to move quickly to get out of the way of a fast moving bicycle.

We have all seen people in their 60’s and 70’s that have a vast difference in what they can perform on a daily basis. There are some that are competing in a sport well into their 70’s and yet others that are not able to enjoy life (like chasing the grandkids around) when they are in the 50’s. The difference is actually found much earlier in life when it comes to the food and lifestyle choices that we make when we are younger.

Our health in the later decades of our life is built on the foundation of what we do when we are in our 20’s and 30’s. The challenge is that we don’t see the benefit in the choices we make in these younger age brackets until much later in life.

Prolonging the time that you can be a contributing individual to society is a great asset as this means that you will not only feel better but you get to enjoy the benefits of better health in your younger age as well.

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