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Meat stock

Updated: May 3

Meat stock is a back bone for the healing process of the gut lining. There are a few key aspects of a meat stock that make them extremely useful. Meat stocks are a rich source of gelatin and connective tissue which allows for the healing of the gut lining.

The type of cuts of meat that you use are important as well as you are looking for meaty bones particularly those with joints in them or that have a high amount of connective tissue.

Sourced from red meats (cooking time 180 -240 minutes)
: lamb necks, osso bucco, shanks.

Sourced from white meats (cooking time 90-120 minutes)
: whole chicken, quarters (drumstick joined to thigh with bone) necks.

Place the meat in the bottom of a pot (Dutch oven) and just cover with water. A rough guide is for every kilo of meat, 1.5 Litres of filtered water.
Bring to the boil and then skim off any scum that sit on the top.
Turn down to a low simmer and cook for the amount of time that is needed (see above).
Vegetables can be added 45 minutes before the end of the cooking time - zucchini,swede, pumpkin, onion / leek, carrot, cauliflower, asparagus, beetroot

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