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Discovery Call

I understand you may want to know a bit more before becoming taking the first step towards being a naturopathic client.

A Discovery Call is designed to answer any questions you may have when considering an initial consultation.

During your Discovery Call we will:

· have a brief discussion about your health concerns and goals

· establish if we can help you with your particular health concern and if naturopathic care is a good fit for you

· address any questions you may have about us and our practice

· point you in the right direction if we are unable to help you.

(Disclaimer: specific or detailed advice about your health or prescriptions will not be provided during the Discovery Call. It is a general discussion and opportunity for you to ask questions prior to booking an initial consultation.)

Once you have booked your Discovery Call, I will call you at the designated time using the phone number provided by you at the time of booking.

I look forward to speaking with you, to see how we can approach your health concerns – It might be what tests are best for a yearly general check-up if you are feeling healthy and well, or how to support your body through key times (busy work periods, cold/flu season, etc) or setting a plan in place to improve your health over the next few decades. Alternatively, you are looking for options that will help you manage unresolved, chronic health conditions.

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