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Basic Bread Mixture

Updated: May 3

1 cup Pumpkin cooked (boiled or roasted) Roast pumpkin cooked in duck fat is perfect for this recipe but boiled pumpkin cooked in water or stock does a nice job too.
2 1/2 cups Blanched almond flour Soaked and dried sunflower seeds also work well.
3 Eggs Organic
1 tbs Duck fat Or coconut Oil - Duck fat produces a nicer flavour

Special equipment
1 sheet Baking paper (unbleached) To line the bread tin

Preheat conventional oven at 150 degrees (almond flour burns easily so this recipe needs to be cooked slowly).

Cook the pumpkin by boiling it or use previously roasted pumpkin from a left over meal. I like to make extra pumpkin with my meals for this purpose in mind.

Mix all ingredients in a glass bowl with hand held mixer on low. (do not over mix – just enough to ensure all ingredients is mixed and combined well)

Line your bread tin with oven paper and pour ingredients in. Place in oven and cook for one hour (ensureing not to burn the top).

When removing the bread from the oven, be sure to take it out of the tin immediately to allow it to cool by lifting the loaf out with the paper sides. This will avoid a darker crust because burnt nut flour is bitter. Let it sit and cook on the cooling rack with the paper still surrounding it. When it has cooled you may wrap the loaf in the baking paper and and place in a pyrex dish with a sealed lid to store in the fridge.

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