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Promoting men's health

Despite men suffering from higher rates of long-term illness (cardiovascular, mental health and sexual health) we as men tend to seek assistance with these concerns. This means that the conditions will progress to the point of crisis before asking for help.

Some signs to look out for:

  • Display emotional outbursts with no particular cause (anger for example).

  • Trouble getting off to sleep of maintaining sleep.

  • Isolation from friends and family

  • No longer finding the fun/joy in activities that once were enjoyed.

  • Experiencing overwhelm from stress (work, financial or family)

  • Inability to cope with problems.

Ages and stages:

Older men are more likely to seek assistance when their mood is affected by poor sleep quality, with other anxiety-increasing factors (such as diagnosis of prostate issues) raising the scores 3-4% above the average population.

Paternal perinatal depression (PPD) can occur in men transitioning into fatherhood stemming from feelings of self-blame, anxiety, lack of enjoyment as well as anger, irritability and extreme tiredness. Some predictors of PPD include previous depression, low income and poor social support, as well as decreased marital adjustment and perceived low parenting ability.

What we eat effects our whole body.

Eating a broader range of foods means that our body has access to different nutrients. Many men in the kitchen will stick to what they know and will cook within a narrow amount of dishes. When these foods are made up from highly refined pre-packaged food much of the nutrition has been taken out. This then means that we have a diet filled with foods that are energy dense but nutrient depleted.

What does it all mean?

Taking a preventative approach towards healthcare is preferred as then small adjustments can be made on a regular basis. There is a real emphasis to be placed on being able to move and be physically active (as part of a community) as well as proper sleep functioning. When these two factors are in place the male clients that I see tend to feel as though their food falls into place, all of this building the foundation towards a strong healthy future.

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