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Adopting food changes

It may have been suggested to you that the food you eat effects your body. The impacts can be varied from the obvious (tummy upset and gastric disturbances) through to some that you might not connect straight away (blocked sinuses, foggy mood, muscle cramps).

For some when we have eaten the same way most of our lives and then to have suggestions that are contrary to what we have normally eaten. This initial challenge of changing our food habits is one of the biggest mental challenges you might face. Like just about everything in the world, cooking and adapting to different eating styles can be approached as learning a new skill.

Some aspects to consider:

There will always be foods that you can eat.

Even though there might be food groups to not eat rarely will you be only allowed to eat nothing at all. This just means looking for what you can use and approaching cooking with a sense of curiosity. This may mean that the way you do your shopping might change and where your cooking fits into your day.

The encouraging thing is that if one person can do it, it means that it can be done it is just about the willingness to change.

Ask for help.

Did you know that not everyone eats what you eat? Everyone eats a slightly different style of food and uses different cooking methods. This means that help is only ever a question away, you just have to ask the right person so that you know the information is going to be of use for you.

You may not ask your accountant to help you with your medical needs, so ensure that you are getting quality advice.

Focus on the things you can do.

When making food changes (especially if they seem dramatic to you), understand that even small changes will make a big difference in the long run. If you were to learn one new recipe a fortnight then over the course of a year you would have 24 dishes that are completely different to what you are currently eating.

When you consider that this is more than what most people will cook – we tend to stick to the old favourites. It really doesn’t take all that long to change the direction of your food habits.

If all else fails, fasting isn’t such a bad thing for us from time to time.

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