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Food waste - how to make food last longer

Updated: May 3

There’s nothing worse than tossing fresh berries or veggies that have sat in the fridge too long, or that went badly immediately when you brought them home from the store. But you can increase the odds that you’ll have a chance to use them with a few simple tips. And by storing produce this way, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth—and actually enjoy what you buy.

At a time when many households are looking for ways to make the food budget stretch a little further using all that you buy is one way that you can do to make your dollars make more sense.

Cooking larger portions of meals is also an idea and then storing meals that are already made up is also an idea - and then extra serves that you don't eat can then be frozen for a later stage.

How to Store Avocados
Avocados ripen at room temperature, but you can slow that down by placing them into the fridge. Keeping them away from bananas can slow ripening down too. If you have an avocado that’s super ripe and needs to be used up, make some guac or dice and store in a freezer bag to blend into smoothies!

How to Store Berries
The best way to help berries like strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries from becoming moldy is to reduce the moisture around them. Transfer them from the containers that you buy them in, into a storage container lined with a paper towel. This helps to absorb any excess moisture and may keep them fresher for a few days longer.
I’d recommend not washing your berries until right before you use them to help reduce the moisture too, rather than washing them before storage.
This is also the same method for broccoli and cauliflower and green beans.

How to Store Bananas
An easy way to reduce how fast bananas ripen is to take apart the bunch and store them side by side so they have airflow all around them. If they do get too ripe for your liking, simply peel, slice, and store in a freezer bag in the freezer to use in smoothies and baked goods.
This is a cheeky chemical called ethylene and when its higher concentrations causing ripening in some fruits and vegetables. This is why if you want your avocados to ripen faster pop them next to a banana.

How to Store Greens
Greens like baby spinach and kale don’t like excess moisture either, so you can place paper towels on either side of an open bag to help absorb some of the moisture.
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