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Are you in control

If you are like most of us, we like to think that we are in complete control of what we do day to day. In charge of every choice from the moment we wake up to when we go so sleep at night. The fact of the matter is that we do not.

From birth our brain wants to conserve as much energy as it can, this means that we will form what are called habits. Really what our brain is doing is searching for the solution that takes the least amount of energy. Things like what is the best way to get to work? OR What is involved in my morning routine?

Once we have tried a few different ways of doing things we tend to settle on one. Habit is then formed from the repetition of the same behaviour. Skill and to a degree talent in the traditional way we look at it is only from a repeated exposure of how often and with how much intensity we any behaviour.

It is at this point that then our brain will automate things so that less of our conscious effort is required to achieve the same end result. But this is also where our brain gets a touch lazy as it doesn’t concentrate on everyday activities as much as it could.

The same happens with the stories we tell ourselves. Then first time we hear a story we hear it and have some level of understanding of what it means and how it effects our world. If the story is repeated often enough then that becomes the truth to us (even if it is a fictional story). The interesting thing about this is that we will then believe that the story we hold is the true and correct version of that story.

If someone then challenges our way of thinking and we will often be defensive as the story then becomes part of who we are, any attack on the story is an attack of self. This means that there is a real power in the story that we have in any area of life (love, health, finances, faith etc.), as a self-limiting or defeated story then limits the full expression of our potential.

What would this story look like?

  • Only the smart people get the promotion or raise

  • It’s not worth investing into my health, because my family has bad genetics

  • Only the prince/princess is worthy of romance

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees

  • Only fit people work out and get a 6 pack

You can then see how if you one of these stories or a variation of one, could potentially put a lid on what you could achieve in life. Some of us will go through our whole life without the awareness of the story that is underpinning where our direction is going.

Any story repeated often enough is seen to be true in the eye of the person holding onto the story. The longer we have held onto a story the harder it can be to set it down and walk away from it, however recognising this is a beginning point of where the growth starts from.

Every action that you take is casting a vision for a future you that is in creation, however is in the building phase. It is this repetition that then starts to rewrite your future as you are the most powerful author in your world. Whether you are 25, 50 or 80 you still have a say of where you end up and the quality of life that you have when you get there.

If you are unsure where to start then look to someone that can guide you toward the direction that you want to go, get a team that will help to hold you accountable and then get to work. Each day is a new chance to lay a brick into the foundation that will be your health.

Massive action overcomes inertia, start today and book an appointment.

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