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Are you cold and flu ready?

It is winding closer to winter and that means that the cold and flu season is nearly upon us.

Here are a few questions to consider...

Why is individualised treatment important?

The same infection might affect us all differently as well as the stage of where that illness is up to. If you have a flu that causes a razor sore throat then a runny nose and then a cough that lingers for weeks, depending on where you are up to in the progression of this flu, the treatment will change based on where you body needs support. Often treating on many different levels (herbal, nutritional, homeopathic) gives excellent results with individualised treatments determined by in clinic testing

Do I just have to wait for a flu or cold to pass once I get it?

No, you don’t just have to wait for the cold/flu to pass. There are many naturopathic treatments that may reduce the amount of time it takes to recover from illness. This means that you get back to feeling like yourself faster as well as reducing the amount of time you are out of action and that you have to take of work.

What are some good foods to eat when I’m not feeling well?

Understand that when your body is fighting a cold and flu it’s energy is directed towards helping the immune system to address and recover from the illness. This means that if you give your body food that is easy to digest, warm and full of nutrition that is a step in the right direction. Chicken soup is often the best food that you can have as it allows your body access to key nutrition.

HINT it pays to have some made in advance so that when you come down with something you don’t have to go out and make it from scratch.

Take note of what signs your body is giving you when you are coming down with a cold/flu. These symptoms will generally form a pattern that is consistent for you, you might always get a sore throat and feel really tired (more than normal), or you might crave for different foods. Whatever it may be being aware of what your pattern is means that you can take action when you notice the pattern.

Having some immune support remedies in the cupboard is key to preventing yourself from colds and flu type infections. The right remedy, at the right dose, at the right time makes all the difference

Picture this:

If you are walking along a narrow beam, there are factors that will unbalance you (to many late nights in a row, extra work stress, poor food choices etc) theses are like factors that would contribute to you falling off the beam. In these situations, the slightest little nudge would send you falling and coming down with a cold/flu. In the same way if you are already off balance a little of stability means that you stay on the beam (right remedies at the right time). Having remedies that you have on hand is like having your own personal spotter that helps to keep you on the beam and supported.

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