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What does a naturopath do?

A question I commonly asked of me is what does a naturopath do anyway?

We work in a way that is working towards the health of your body this can be done in various ways. 'You cannot medicate your way out of a disease you ate your way into'. So yes this means that there is likely going to be food changes as part of the plan

Offer a range of in clinic testing to get a clear picture of what is happening:

In an initial consultation there is a range of testing that gives a deeper understanding around what is happening with your health. This testing is a point that we can refer back to over time so that we can see how your body Is responding to treatment. This testing also ensures that the treatment plan is directed toward the key areas that will make the biggest difference. All of the testing is painless and can be done on all ages.

Having an extended time allows you to explain what is not working for your health currently, this means we can dive deeper into the factors that are preventing your body from healing.

Uses the best of the latest research and what has been used for thousands of years:

Even before modern medicine in the last 100 years we still had remedies to treat specific health conditions. This collective knowledge and wisdom had been accumulated over thousands of years and passed from generation to generation. In naturopathy we use a combination of empirical medicine and the latest research in order to tailor a treatment specific to your health.

What will a treatment consist of?

Balancing nutritional medicine and herbal medicine means that we can support proper body functioning. This can be done with specific dietary suggestion or supplements to fill any nutrients that aren’t being consumed in large enough quantities from the food we eat. Or encouraging your body to function better in specific areas with herbal medicine.

Treatment is not just a quick fix but rather we are working toward a longer-term wellness blueprint, this is put in place for you to follow. Working on the factors that might be sustaining your poor health means that your body has the opportunity to heal.

Helps maintain your focus on where you want your health to be:

Sometimes we need someone to help keep us accountable and on track with where we want to be going. I see my role as walking beside you toward the destination that you want to go to. Becoming healthy is a series of choices that you make daily and a naturopath is there to help calibrate your daily choices so improve your health.

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