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Pumpkin seed oil

One of the most frequent conversations that I have within the clinic space is around good oils. There are many essential functions that good oils have within our body; suppling and transport fatty acids and vitamins, protect vital body organs, insulate warmth and regulate body temperature, assist growth and promote healthy blood, nerves, muscles and skin, transport and breakdown cholesterol, prolong digestion and enhance absorption and flavour, be a source and store of energy.

Most interesting is to consider the effect of long term lowered amount of good oil intake. This means that all the above vital functions are affected.

The most common clinical picture is someone that has dry skin, feels as though their memory/cognition is not as good as it could/used to be. Oils play a vital role when it comes to digestion and we cannot digest and assimilate fat soluble vitamins without oils being present.

This is key when you look at the function of Vitamin A, D, E and K within our body, with the reach going from blood pressure regulation, long term bone health, immune system functioning as well as healthy vision. The systems can sometimes take up to decades to present issues related to deficiency and this is why I am so passionate about talking about foods that are sources for good oils and fat-soluble vitamins.

Pumpkin seed oil offers an easy access into increasing good oil intake as well as offering a supporting amount of Zinc. Zinc plays a role in over 200 enzymatic reactions within our body including everything from immune function to digestion to men’s health to blood sugar control. There has been research done around the benefit for prostate cancer.

I suggest that people look to include pumpkin oil as a drizzle oil on their food, What this means is that the pumpkin seed oil is added to food after it is on the plate, this allows the benefits of the oil to be maximised. Pumpkin seed oil can be added to soups, salads or taken straight off the spoon!

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