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2 week REFOCUS

We are nearly 1/3rd of the way through 2018. Was this year the one you decided to make some big changes to your health? We all have good intentions when it comes to thinking about what we would like to do but sometimes we get lost in the amount of information that is available.

This 2-week program is designed to get you into the action mode and then maintain healthy habits going forward. With specific focus on the what to eat as well as what allows you to make changes that actually last.

- 2 x 50 minute workshops that will give you the foundation on foods and the background what it takes to get on track with achieving and maintaining your health goals.

- Entry to one cooking class that will show you in real life how to make some of the fundamental cooking techniques. - An extensive booklet that will help you with recipes and as well as background information on a range of health topics. - A 15 minute conversation that will tailor the program to your needs. - 1 x Access to join an exercise session. - A remedy specific to what you want to achieve with your goal for the program. - Some daily accountability! Lets’ face it we all have started something new only to let it slip. - A book that builds that mindset behind making changes that are designed to last.

The cost of this program is $299- per person.

There will be limited spaces so that everyone gets individual attention. For more information to bookings email

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