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Own your space

Imagine the following situations...

You open the door and the vacuum cleaner salesperson comes in, and dumps a bag of trash in your living room.

Or a neighbor sneaks in the back door and uses a knife to put gouges on the kitchen table.

Or, through the window, someone starts spraying acid all over your bookshelf.

What is your emotional response to these situations? We deal with these situations everyday however it isn't so obvious. Our personal devices from our phone to laptop to the TV to newspapers all offer other people access to the mental space of our minds.

Our thoughts and what we are exposed to is one of the few things that we have a relative amount of control over. When a decision is made to improve the quality of the input into your mind, this can radically shift the way we view the world around us.

If the input is not making things better, why let them in?

This gives us a great opportunity to determine the emotional state we are in. We can choose the words that we say, for example when someone asks you how are you today? Do you have a response that is second nature, as is that empowering and build you up?

You might be surprised how different you feel (and how people respond to you), if you were to say 'surprisingly magnificent' or 'absolutely fantastic'. Try is out for a week and have some fun with it!

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