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Stay on track with exercise

One of the common issue we all have is staying consistent enough with the new habits that we want to introduce into our life. Exercise and movement just seems to be one of those areas that a lot of us can struggle with, but it doesn't have to be that way. There will always be a new exercise craze that sweeps through but staying on track in regards to movement dramatically improves your health in many other areas.

The following are some steps that you can implement to stay steady on the track of an increased activity plan.

Small steps and plan what is realistic - we all have that friend that signs up to a gym and then goes all out for a week going twice a day and then is exhausted. A more sustainable workout program will allow you to make the change to a healthier body.

Get an exercise buddy - this will keep you accountable to someone else as well as making it more fun and if you are a bit competitive then this will help you to push yourself as well

Find a form of exercise that agrees with you - some people are happy to run until they cant run anymore and others it is all about stretching and feeling strong, for others you might just be compelled to do biceps curls in the squat rack (cause you can curl that much!).

Know that it will take some time - it has taken you a set period of time to get to where you are and it doesn’t change overnight. Be realistic about how fast your body changes and enjoy the process of watching it happen, you will often feel better before you see the change on the scales.

Do some form of group activity- get the feeling of when a lot of people are doing the same exercise at the same time. it could be a dance group or a swimming lesson or a yoga class. Doing it with others make you feel more part of a community and people that are there will often share a health related mindset that you want to get. Being around these people often enough you might and some of their commitment might rub off onto you...

Have some rewards- ideally that aren't food based, other activities that you love to do like going to the movies or reading a book or a bath can reinforce the hard work you are doing and lift the way your subconscious relates to exercise.

Get educated about food – you can be doing all the right things exercise wise and still not get results. Often the limiting factor is the food you eat. It is a journey full of discovery that leads you to a place where your food nourishes your body and soul.

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