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10 Ways to Increase Immunity

It is that time of year where we are all coming in contact with at least a few people that are not feeling to well. In an ideal world, when we are feeling like we are unwell we would rest and take time to recover properly. In some cases this just isn't possible, so preventing illness and staying healthy is a great skill to learn. Here are some ideas on things that you can put into action so that you can build a strong protection.

1. Eat Well

Increase raw, fresh and recently living foods in your diet. These are high in antioxidants and immune enhancing nutrients like Vitamin C. Regularly include garlic and onion in cooking to enhance the fighting capacity of the natural immune system.

2. Exercise

Regular and not too strenuous exercise helps the body to eliminate pathogens and toxins. A healthy body weight is also beneficial for preventing infection.

3. Sleep well

A large quantity of immune cell activity actually takes place while we sleep. Getting adequate number of hours sleep, as well as excellent quality sleep improves the natural processes of immunity.

4. Drink water

Our body requires water for all cells to function. Our immune system uses the blood stream to remove the pathogens from our system. If the blood is thick due to dehydration the removal of pathogens is much harder.

5. Reduce Stress

The major stress hormone ‘cortisol’ suppresses immunity. When we are stressed, overworked, tired and busy our immune system becomes compromised.

6. Fresh Air and Sunshine

Our body loves nature’s gifts of fresh air and sunshine as these help to increase vitality and our natural fighting ability.

7. Reduce sugar intake

Sugary foods like cake, biscuits, white flour, ice-cream, fruit juice and soft drink all suppress immunity.

8. Promote Healthy Bowel Flora

The balance of healthy bowel flora helps to maintain our immunity from the digestive system. This increases systemic immunity and also reduces digestive infection and thrush.

9. Promote Early Exposure to Pathogens

It is very important that our bodies come in contact with dirt, bacteria and potential infections so that our body can learn how to recognize them.

10. Use Supplementation or Herbal Medicine

The use of nutritional supplementation and application of herbal medicine is the catalyst that encourage your body to rid itself of disease. Make sure to ask your naturopath which remedies are most applicable in your situation to assist you in getting back on track.

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