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5 must have items for your pantry / fridge

Updated: May 3

Are you a little like me and love to have a list to refer to and get that mental high from ticking things off?
Well this post might be just what you are looking for. In this post I'll look at some staple items that are really key to have that allows your cooking to be versatile and add some extra goodness to your meals quickly and easily.

Butter / Ghee
Well this one branches out more broadly to include other animal fats as well (lard, tallow, duck fat etc), but these foods are absolutely key to our bodies physiology. This means that we cannot function well without them. Easy to add into your cooking to develop the flavors but also boost the digestibility.
Fun fact: In the 1920's the average person ate 1/2 cup of animal fat a day!

Yes I know organ meats...! But they really do add so much value to the foods that we consume. Liver is perhaps one of the most overlooked foods when it comes to the value of nutrients that it adds into our diet. This is through having really strong levels of Vitamin A & D among others key nutrients that contribute to healthy brain development and immune system function.

If you have never had a fermented food in your life then this is the way to start. It is pleasant tasting (which kids love) but adds into your system the starting point to rebalance your gut flora. If you are not consuming fermented foods daily then you your gut cannot be optimally healthy.

An old-ie but a goodie. One of the most versatile foods that you can add to or be the main part of so many dishes. Fantastic for bulking up recipes when you might be short on ingredients or meal prepping in advance. Yes you consume the whole egg and you can have as many as you like - a dozen or more a week.

Meat stock
Got gut issues?
Meat stock must be part of what you use to heal and repair your gut. added to casseroles or soups or consumed straight as a stock with your meal. You can have this as a snack stand alone or add all of the other ingredients above to make a super charged bowl
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