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Whenever we do something for the first time it can be a bit daunting. This is the same for jumping out of an areoplane or making something in the kitchen that you have never done before.

Health benefits:

  • Ghee is a fuel for the good bacteria in your gut

  • Assists with proper hydration of your tissues (joints, muscle and skin)

  • Boosts the nutritional profile of our meals (Vitamin A + D)

  • Enhances the flavor of the food you are consuming

  • Encourages secretions of digestive enzymes

  • Makes for a healthy and sparky brain

A few notable reasons why I really love making your own ghee:

  • You get to choose the butter and where it comes from, this means you can make a educated decision around getting the best quality butter you can. This just ensures that you get a fantastic nutrient profile when it comes to your fat soluble vitamins (A and D).

  • You can meditate some love into your ghee when you make it. Intention behind the food we eat make a difference when it comes to the end product. A meal made with love always tastes better!

  • It brings a sense of connection to the food we make. When we have ownership and involvement with the food that we eat it creates a bond of how the food we eat effects our body.

  • Ghee will last indefinitely. This is always handy to know, it means that you can make a larger quantity and make it less often (I'll make 2 liters at a time; which will last about 4-6 weeks in our home). It is interesting to note that there was ghee and honey found in the pyramids that could still be used.

  • It works out cheaper ($), that's always a bonus! This means there is more room in your budget for other quality ingredient to fill your pantry.

What you will need:

  • Unsalted butter (organic if possible)

  • Big pot

  • Nut milk bag

  • Mason jar (to store the ghee)

Here is a quick video to walk you through how to make ghee at home.

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