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Food intolerance and Allergies

Digestive based concerns are becoming more frequent in the world we live in. More processed foods and the types of choices that the population is making on a daily basis means that digestive function is effected. But with all of this how can we tell if we just have a grumpy tummy or something like a food allergy or intolerance.

Food intolerances/sensitivities:

This is the inability to digest and assimilate a particular food or food component. These sort of foods reactions tend to cause symptoms such as bloating, changes in bowel function, headaches, skin rash, sinus problems, overall low immune function and a host of other symptoms. Some common food include wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, fructose, salicylates and food additives such as MSG or sulphites.

Food Allergy: Immune related reactions, can be severe and life threatening. Commonly seen with nuts and eggs.

Due to the range of potential foods one may be intolerant too combined with the range of possible symptoms it can be very hard to pinpoint which foods are causing the symptoms. It can be worthwhile having a naturopath access your digestive function, they can often identify a cause and help ease the symptoms.

Food intolerances and allergies are on the rise, the reason for this has not yet been proven however looking at the effect gut flora has on the immune system and also considering the health of the gut bacteria is a great place to start. Environmental chemicals and antibiotics found in the food chain can have an adverse effect on the gut bacteria which plays an essential role in managing inflammation and supporting and maintaining immune health.

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