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How to get rid of reflux for good

'The Stomach Solution' Program

You’ll learn the common foods that trigger reflux, as well as how to eat and cook without these foods.

Get immediate and actionable lifestyle steps that you can take to positively improve your digestive function.

Delivered in bite size, step-by-step packets that will allow you to absorb information and learn at your own pace.

What You’ll Receive When You Join This Training

'The Stomach Solution' training sessions.

This program is designed to walk alongside you while you complete 'The Stomach Solution' program. This addresses all of the common concerns related to reflux and how to address them.

Resource centre access.


A collection of downloadable handouts, meal plans and worksheets all in one convenient place.

1 on 1 support to get you started in the right direction.


Supporting key areas of your digestive health to accelerate the results you achieve.

The Stomach Solution' Facebook group.


We all need support for the little things that come up. So, this is a safe space to ask for help, as well as answer any questions you have along the way.

'The Compound Effect' book.


This book sets the foundation of how small changes equate to long term success not only in health, but in many different areas of life.

Bonus: '8 week RESET your health' podcasts.


Once your stomach is back on track then we can look at a plan to keep you long-term health focused.


Amazing Reviews

Phil’s been a huge help in improving my health. He’s got such an extensive knowledge and has taught me so much about food and good food choices. With Phil’s guidance, I now feel great.

Phil's great! He has such a holistic approach to your health issues and takes the time to listen. He ensures you understand everything so that you can take charge of your health. Highly recommend him!

THANK YOU Phil for your wonderful guidance and all your advice and treatment over the last several years. I am a very different person health wise because of your knowledge and careing dedication to helping me become the healthy person I am now. Thank You

I’m a person who had always thought I was eating the right foods, having grown our own vegetables for 35 plus years, making my own cereals etc, & when struggling with not losing the extra kilos & my GP telling to eat cleaner foods, I decided to visit a Naturopath. I was fortunate to meet Phil who explained that my gut needed warm foods to get my metabolism moving, I've also lost 17kgs later & feeling fabulous



We set the stage for the first 30 days of focus and have a overview of the program.



Jump straight in and get your tummy feeling happier, clearing away obstacles allowing your body to soothe and heal.



This is where we take a deeper look at what reflux is and how to lessen your symptoms.



Learn what foods soothe and support reflux as well some strategies to implement.



We will develop a clear sense of what is happening in your digestive system and introduce the idea of food-based therapy.

Soak Up


There are many factors that impact digestive function. We take a deeper tour of other common Gastrointestinal complaints and some solutions.

Build Up


Deepen your knowledge of the importance of nutrient density and why this is so important to your understanding of food. 

Link Up


Did you know your digestive function is impacted by many other factors? We look deeper at how stress and sleep, among other factors, effects your digestive function.



This is where you learn more about how to take effective action. If you are going to do the work, get the best results you can.



All great things take effort!  Learn how to maintain your healthy habits when you least fell like it!



Learn how your body interacts with the food you eat and how seasonal eating, food combining and more, can help your health.



Build a vision for your future health to fuel your motivation to maintain the changes you have made.

What You’ll Learn In This Training

Enrol Now

Self paced learning

$ 347 AUD

12 modules of 'The Stomach Solution'

Lifetime access to 'The Stomach Solution' resource centre.

'The Stomach Solution' Facebook group for support

1 x 30 minute, 1 on 1 online consult to get you started

Bonus: '8 week RESET your health' podcasts

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Naturopathically supported program

$697 AUD

12 modules of 'The Stomach Solution'

Lifetime access to 'The Stomach Solution' resource centre.

Naturopath prescribed supplements

'The Stomach Solution' Facebook group for support

'The Compound Effect' book


2 x 30 minute, 1 on 1 online consult

Bonus: '8 week RESET your health' podcasts

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Here Are Your Questions Answered

How long are the sessions?


The sessions will range from 15 minutes through to 40 minutes (depending on how much we need to cover). The sessions are on demand so you can pause and re-watch them as much as you please.

Is there ongoing support?


Once you have completed the program then you can always ask questions in the 'The Stomach Solution' facebook group.

Can I do 'The Stomach Solution' anywhere?


The program is starting in Australia (for now!) but maybe at a later stage there will be a global option.


The Compound Effect book and supplements will be posted to you.

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