Peanut butter 'brookies'

I'm constantly on the hunt for some recipes that will be easy for people to make as well as are super appealing to look at and eat. You might even like to try this recipes with tahini or a different nut butter in the middle so that you taste buds will have something different each time. 'Brookies' comes from mashing together the brownies with the cookies to make a fusion food! This recipes is a crispy and chewy cookie on the outside with a moist and fudgey brownie on the inside, filled with peanut butter. Vegan and gluten-free. Recipe sourced from 'Incredible Plant-Based Desserts' by Anthea Cheng. Ingredients: Brownie Cookies 1 cup coconut sugar 1 ¼ cup almond meal ¾ cup white rice flour ⅓ c

What's the deal with breakfast?

When talking about the food that we eat for breakfast and how we eat it, this can have a significant effect on how we feel through the rest of the day. Ensuring that you have enough food in the morning and eating slowly to assist your digestion allows for the best start to your day. Many of us will have opted towards more of a ‘grab and go’ type breakfast that is focused around what is convenient and easy to do in the morning. This trend has changed over the last few generations with many of our grandparents tending towards more of a cooked breakfast. The switch has been driven by a few factors, that we will explore in a bit more depth. Daily food routines: We tend to slow and have bigger me

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