Winter Vegetables - Part 2

Kohlrabi which comes in a few different colours on the outside but the flesh color is similar. Can be bought with the top leaves on or off, the leaves can be used in cooking, in the same way that you would normally use other green leafy vegetables (lightly saute’d or cut up and added toward the end of the meal like casseroles and stews). How to use kohlrabi varies depending on where you are, my grandfather (comes from Europe) remembers eating this one raw, when I took one around to his house he got out a knife, started peeling it and eating it straight away! More commonly used through stews/casseroles and also roasted. I’ve heard of kohlrabi being used as a juice for stomach ulcers. You cou

Winter vegetables - Part 1

After talking to quite a number of people about what vegetables they eat on a regular basis, what was coming through strongly was the fact that within families there wasn’t much of a variation in the types of vegetables that were being eaten on a regular basis. One of the most common complaints that I hear is that ‘vegetables are boring’ and I can see the point if all you eat is potato and carrot! What are some of the unusual suspects that you might find on the shelves this time of year? Everyone knows what the most commonly used vegetables look like, but if you are to limit your vegetable variety to just that then you are missing out on some magnificent foods that have been hiding in plain

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