Sleep Hygiene

Sleep can be one of those aspects of your life that works really well or not. Even if it does work well, there will be occasions when your sleep might not be as good as it could be. At these times it can be handy to have some tricks up your sleeve to help you get back on track. Understand that our body loves it when there is routine. For this reason any dietary/lifestyle changes it is best if you stick to them for 1-2 months before you notice a major changes, especially if they are long standing. This is a pretty long list of suggestions so perhaps the best approach would be to pick one or two and apply them for a fortnight and then add in more if needed. If you need direction as to which on

Food focus (Gluten)

For the gluten intolerant it can take some time to determine their range of vague to intense symptoms, from chronic tiredness to bloating, skin problems and sugar cravings may be due to a gluten intolerance (more often a whole grain). This can be a big discussion. Let’s look to break it down into smaller more bite size pieces. Gluten… yes it’s almost a buzz word now with most people having some fuzzy idea of what it is so let’s take a journey back through history to look at where all of this came from. The human species was thought to evolve into existence 2.5 million years ago, the normal diet consisting of nuts and seeds, tubers, plenty of vegetable material and the occasional meat. With t

Lactation Cookies

Food is one of those things that should change based on the season and the stage of life that you are in. There may be a specific function that you want food you eat to perform. Some things that specific food eating can support with are enhancing your immune system or helping your brain when you are studying and even improving your libido. This is one of those recipes but great for breastfeeding and enhancing the milk supply, as well as being great for improving the quality of the breast milk (more good oils). A great idea for someone that has just given birth your be to share some tasty treat with them that is also a functional food. Ingredients: 1 cup self raising wholemeal flour or spelt

Homemade chocolate

When we go through periods of stress one of the first foods that many of us will crave is chocolate. This is because our body is looking for the nutrients that will need to be replenished (magnesium, B group vitamins) that are found readily in cacao. This means that your body is very smart! Like many things in the kitchen once you know how to make you own chocolate it is one of those things that you will tend to do yourself as you can make it just the way you like it. Variation: You can use all cacao butter or all coconut oil or a combination of both. The more of the coconut oil that you use the softer the end chocolate will be. If you are the type of person that enjoys the crunch then use m

Are all fish oils made equal?

There are so many options when it comes to fish oil in the market, what do you look for when choosing the brand that you take. Some fish oil brands if not sourced and looked after well will might be doing you more harm than good. Quality fish oil has been used to treat inflammatory conditions – most conditions that end with an ‘-itis’ are inflammatory in nature (arthritis, gastritis, dermatitis). There has also been some great links to improving mental health (depression, cognition, and sleep) to name a few. With so much potential upsides from taking fish oil many of us to compare only on price and not some other key aspects of quality and contamination. A few things to think about: What els

Are you cold and flu ready?

It is winding closer to winter and that means that the cold and flu season is nearly upon us. Here are a few questions to consider... Why is individualised treatment important? The same infection might affect us all differently as well as the stage of where that illness is up to. If you have a flu that causes a razor sore throat then a runny nose and then a cough that lingers for weeks, depending on where you are up to in the progression of this flu, the treatment will change based on where you body needs support. Often treating on many different levels (herbal, nutritional, homeopathic) gives excellent results with individualised treatments determined by in clinic testing Do I just have to

Environmental toxins

Environmental toxins (heavy metals, electromagnetic radiation [EMR], mould, tick borne illnesses to name a few) is one aspect of health that is not talked about all that much. These can cause many different effects to different people, some of the more common presentations are symptoms like: fatigue, headaches, allergy type responses, immune imbalance, carbohydrate craving. Much of the research around the negative effects of environmental toxins is in preliminary stages when it comes to the potential harm that these factors are doing to our health. With all of potential environmental factors that can affect your health, this can be anywhere up to 10% of the population that are affected by an

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